Short-Term Benefits of Making a Long-Term Digital Marketing Investment

Making an investment in a digital marketing campaign centered around the inbound methodology is a long-term play.

Publishing great website content that brings people to your website and converts them to leads, using marketing automation to move them down the sales funnel, and reaching prospects and customers via email and social media is a marketing strategy that works while you’re sleeping. Even better: it's not dependent on a steady stream of advertising dollars.

But it takes time. Google and other search engines give more space on results pages to websites that are already established and authoritative, meaning if you’re just building out your “base” of content, you’re probably not there yet.

If you’re banking on social media to deliver a quick win, the odds are stacked against you. Research shows just half of all content published on the web gets two or fewer Twitter shares, two or fewer Facebook interactions, and zero LinkedIn shares.

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