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Facebook Best Practices for Accounting and Financial Firms

It's undeniable that Facebook is a necessary and important part of any digital marketing campaign. With over 2.3 billion users from countries the world over, the potential reach that Facebook gives businesses is irresistible. But there are certain things your firm can do with your Facebook page that will earn the trust of your fans and that will increase visibility and engagement among them.

First, make sure your accounting or financial firm has a business page instead of a personal profile. There are quite a few differences between the two types of pages that will either help or hurt your firm's reputation.

Also, when creating your page, be sure to fill out all the important information about your business, like address, hours, and contact info. Consider what keywords you should be trying to rank for and include them in your business' bio. It's likely that you'll want to rank for "accountant", "financial firm", "accounting firm", and "(your city or local area)".

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An Image Optimization Case Study: How To Use Photos To Drive Website Traffic

A few weeks ago, our site was experiencing record-setting levels of traffic. After a few moments of blissfully (and ignorantly) thinking our sound inbound strategy had set off some sort of viral content extravaganza we realized the real reason for the traffic. Almost all of it was coming from a single blog post or, more specifically, a single image within that blog post.

We'd recently written a blog post covering how to generate inbound leads and strengthen brand recognition. The post contained an image of a person-like figure pondering next to a large question mark. When we inserted the image, we used the alternate text “man with blue question mark.” It turns out this last step, adding alternate text to the image, was what drove all the traffic—more than 5,500 views in 10 days, as you can see in the traffic report below.

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5 Characteristics Of A Perfect Company Pitch

"So, what do you do?"

"Well … you see ... it’s a rather complex industry … I do a lot; we have several clients…"

"Oh, I see..." (No, I don't.)

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Best Practices For Designing Call To Action Buttons

A call-to-action is the copy or graphic used to entice and persuade a website visitor to take a certain action. Well-designed calls to action can dramatically increase conversion rates.

This post examines a few best practices for creating a call-to-action that is sure to get noticed and earn clicks from your visitors.

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How to Identify Your Buyer Persona

Quick question: If you were about to play a game of darts with a friend — and let’s just say for the sake of argument there’s some money riding on this — would you pause to put on a blindfold before throwing the first dart?

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3 Inbound-Friendly Alternatives To The Traditional 404 Page

If your business sells products online, you likely have a lot of expired content and therefore a handful of 404'd pages. This can be troublesome, as 404 pages have the potential to turn visitors away from your site. A viewer who gets a 404 error when perusing your content may be encouraged to close the tab or leave your site altogether.

The traditional 404 error also damages your site's SEO potential. Google and other search engines have limits on the amount of pages they can crawl on a given site. If you have pages that redirect to a 404, you're wasting your crawl allowance.

Thankfully, Stephanie Chang at Moz put together a detailed guide on how to effectively deal with expired content. While the guide is worth checking out, I've summarized three options for dealing with expired content below:

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4 Reasons Why Buying Followers Is Always A Bad Idea

Whenever I see a a site or tweet promising thousands of free followers at a low, low cost, a lot of questions run through my mind.

How do these companies make any money? How could anyone possibly think purchasing Facebook Likes or Twitter followers is a good idea? What value do these people think they're getting? Do they know it's a scam?

I just don't get it. Buying followers can do a whole lot of bad things, but only one (kind of) good thing: making a number on your profile page higher than it was before. In most cases, that's all your paying for: a different number. And the bad things? Here we go ...

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