How to Calculate Inbound Marketing ROI

Calculating the value of online interactions, then coming up with an estimated return on investment (ROI) to inform budgets and forecasts, can be challenging. Fortunately, in today's data-driven, online world, it's never been easier to track ROI for your marketing campaigns, channels, and tactics.

Many aspects of inbound marketing can be tracked by web analytics platforms, which, when configured properly, can provide a wide variety of analytics data: from the number of form submissions you receive to the number of times your blog post was viewed.

By keeping an eye on the right metrics and performing simple calculations, you can get a better idea of how much return you’re getting for your investment in inbound.

We’ll walk you through ROI calculations for one-time and retainer clients and provide some tips for improving your overall inbound ROI.


But first, the elephant in the room . . .

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