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Local SEO for Franchises: How to Improve Your Google Search Visibility

SEO and franchises

In the past few decades, the internet and growing popularity of smartphones has changed the way people shop at local businesses.

No longer chained to a desktop, Americans are free to research local businesses and make purchasing decisions on the go.

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Can You Do Inbound Franchise Marketing In-house? Pros, Cons, & Next Steps

Keeping your franchise website attractive to quality leads can take a lot of work from week to week—work that’s rarely a walk in the park.

Updating your franchise blog, compiling, designing and publishing newsletters, and promoting community involvement through social media channels—let alone creating and managing ad campaigns, optimizing your site for SEO, refreshing the design, and doing everything else a modern digital marketing strategy demands—can be a full-time job.

But sometimes hiring a full-time position to tackle all this just doesn’t fit into the budget, prompting franchisors to choose whether they should add new tasks to an existing staff member's plate or outsource them.

Whatever your situation, consider this a buyer's guide that helps you weigh the advantages of each approach to find the best fit for your franchise.

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Franchise Website Lead Conversion Rate Optimization Checklist: Building a Lead-ready Site

How can you make sure your franchise website is ready for inbound marketing?

Often, franchisors believe they can unleash new marketing tactics on their existing site and achieve optimal inbound marketing success.

This doesn't always work. 


Because for inbound marketing to work best, you need to take a holistic approach.

If your website is too slow, for example, people may leave before they have a chance to read your inbound content.

If you website is not secured with an SSL certificate, visitors may hesitate to submit forms on your landing pages. 

This post provides a short checklist to ensure your franchise website is truly inbound-ready.

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B2B Data Driven Website Design: How to Build Better-Performing Websites

If you’re a marketer conducting research in advance of an upcoming website build, you may have heard the terms data-driven design, data-informed design, UX design, and user-centered design batted around.

For the uninitiated, this can be a bit confusing.

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Getting Started with B2B Lead Scoring: A Few Simple Strategies

Lead scoring is often a solution looking for a problem. Many companies can manage their lead flow just fine, so a scoring system only gets in the way.

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Franchise Website Design: Best Practices & How to Select a Vendor

In 2023, when 35% of consumers rely on the internet to find a local business multiple times a week, and visitors judge your site based on aesthetics in just .05 seconds, it’s critical that franchises have a high-functioning website that attracts and engages visitors.

Here, we’ll:

  • Explore essential practices to help your franchise website hook visitors on the first page they visit.
  • Explain how to ensure a convenient user experience and use SEO best practices to reach more potential customers.
  • Discuss what to look for in a vendor if you need a partner to help you.
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