How We Helped The FDA Group Increase Sales Revenue by 231% and Achieve 30x Marketing ROI in 2016

Katie Cartwright, Inbound Marketing Manager

Katie Cartwright, Inbound Marketing Manager

Katie Cartwright has worked in the digital marketing industry for 8 years, developing expertise in inbound strategies, automation, and local business marketing. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with family, being outdoors (except in winter), and quilting.

As a digital marketing agency, we’ve learned that inbound marketing works across different industries and for different companies. But we also realize that different industries, companies, and target buyers are all different in how they can find the most success with inbound marketing.

We don’t follow a formulaic approach to put our clients on the path to success. Clients who partner with us end up with a strategic, tailored digital marketing plan built on a firm understanding of the client’s persona, goals, and digital needs.

Read on to learn how we helped one client, The FDA Group, exceed their goals through inbound marketing using HubSpot.

About The FDA Group

The FDA group is a pharmaceutical, medical device and biologic consulting company. As a steadily growing company, they had been ranked among the 2015 Inc 500. The organization had its sights set on reaching even loftier goals—including $10 million in revenue—in 2016.

Challenges: With Growth Comes the Need for Change

To achieve their goal and continue its growth trajectory, The FDA Group needed to address weaknesses in its approach to generating online leads and acquiring new projects from those leads. This meant assessing their current vendor’s capacity to help them reach higher goals.

The company’s digital marketing agency was capable of handling basic needs and executing existing strategies, but VP of Business Development Tim Lamm, along with others on the leadership team, were starting to feel they weren’t getting enough for what they were paying.

“They weren’t able to offer anything we didn’t bring to the table,” Lamm said. “We were doing okay, but we knew we could do much better.”

Citing a lack of responsiveness, an underwhelming return on investment and—above all—a lack of strategic thinking, The FDA Group decided to find a new digital marketing partner as it sought to continue its rapid growth in 2016 and beyond.

Solution: A Digital Partner Capable of Providing Strategic Focus and Execution

The FDA Group began researching inbound marketing and HubSpot, in addition to an agency that could enable them to reach their goals. They needed a partner that not only had the know-how and creativity, but could match the level of quality demanded by the industry.

“We’re a quality-driven organization. That’s just the nature of our industry, being highly regulated,” Lamm said. “Having material that is mistake-free is very important to us.”

All these things considered, The FDA Group chose to partner with us (MMG) starting in November 2015 following a rigorous due diligence process.

Strategy: Going Beyond the Inbound Basics

Knowing the FDA Group needed to build upon their digital presence and quickly bring in highly qualified leads to meet their goals, we worked with them to devise a strategy to meet both the short-term needs (new—and good—leads) and long-term goals (steadily building rank, traffic, and acquiring leads to nurture).

The first need—building an online reputation—is met by steadily writing blog posts covering relevant and basic topics searched for by their target audience. These blogs are shared on The FDA Group’s social channels, and an internal plan was created to enable FDA Group Consultants to share the posts, extending their reach even further.

The second need—quickly generating a large volume of qualified leads—is met through executing driver campaigns. We define a driver campaign as a dedicated lead generation effort centered on one persona and one challenge. For The FDA Group, we often use trending industry topics as the campaign focus. Through testing, we also discovered that The FDA Group’s target audience responds best to information provided in both webinar and whitepaper form.

Tools: What We Use to Generate New Leads

We use a variety of HubSpot tools to execute driver campaigns for The FDA Group along with a few other third party tools that integrate with HubSpot, keeping all of The FDA Group’s data and leads in one easily accessible place.

Campaign Tool: This tool helps keep us organized. With it, we’re able to make sure all campaign assets (emails, pages, posts, etc.) are all in one place. We also create tracking URLs from the campaign tool, which we use for paid advertising for the campaign.

Landing Pages and Forms: We’ve got to collect lead information, so we use HubSpot’s landing page and form tool to present our webinar and white paper offers, send follow-up emails, and deliver the offer.

Screenshot of FDA Group medical device audit prep white paper

Source: FDA Group

List Tool: We use the list tool to segment The FDA Group’s existing contacts and make sure we’re including and excluding the right contacts based on their persona, and level of authority within their own company, among other criteria. We also use the list tool to keep tabs on the number of webinar registrants as the campaign is in progress.

Email: We always invite existing leads and clients as The FDA Group often gets repeat business.

Blog: For each driver campaign, we compose several blog posts based on sub-topics of the main offer. These posts also serve The FDA Group’s long-term goal of a widespread digital presence by bringing in organic search traffic and presenting the offer through a CTA even after the campaign has officially ended.

Third Party Tools

In addition to using HubSpot’s tools, we incorporate several third party tools to deliver campaign services to The FDA Group.

GoToWebinar: Campaign webinars are delivered using GoToWebinar. We love that the integration with HubSpot enables us to use HubSpot landing page to collect registrations.

HelloBar: Because The FDA Group already sees a good amount of traffic to the site, we wanted a way to highlight campaign offers without disrupting the visitor’s experience on the site. We tested several different pop-up tools and styles and settled on HelloBar.

Paid Social Promotion: The goal of driver campaigns is to bring in fresh new leads. After testing search ads and LinkedIn sponsored posts, we were able to reduce spend on PPC and reallocate to the better-performing LinkedIn ads. We promote the offers in addition to the associated blog posts and have found that paid promotion on LinkedIn is one of the highest converting channels!
promotion channel conversion rate analytics

Source: HubSpot

Results and Impact: Meeting and Exceeding Goals

Within a few months, The FDA Group’s investment in a more responsive digital marketing partner and more strategic digital marketing plan started paying off.

The content and promotion strategies we developed were bringing more people to—and more importantly—were converting more of them to leads.

FDA Group web generated sales revenue chart by month

By the end of 2016, Madison Marketing Group’s strategic approach contributed to a 231% increase in average quarterly web-generated sales revenue.

Perhaps even more importantly, the website and content we created—and the resulting search engine visibility it brought to The FDA Group—was the driving force behind these gains.

FDA Group web generated sales revenue by dollars graph

91% the nearly $2.7 million in web-generated revenue The FDA Group achieved in 2016 was the result of a prospect finding The FDA Group’s website after performing a search engine query, and 94% was the result of a lead converting on a content offer we developed.

FDA Group web generated revenue by traffic source pie chart

This influx of leads and sales produced a marketing ROI of over 3,000%, and afforded The FDA Group the ability to focus its efforts on pursuing the kinds of deals that helped it hit its 2016 revenue targets.

“We made a big shift in the type of companies we target and the type of deals we target,” Lamm said. “The marketing strategy we put together to target larger companies and larger deals has certainly helped us hit and exceed our very aggressive growth goals.”

Read the full case study report here:

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