Improve Franchise Web Content By Defining Your Ideal Candidate

Sam Swiech, Content Marketing Manager Written by Sam Swiech, Content Marketing Manager

It’s easier than ever for businesses to design professional-level websites that fit any budget.

What’s more difficult is turning those websites into lead generation tools you can use to grow your franchise.

While great web design is essential for branding and navigation, it’s the site's content that ultimately attracts the attention of search engines and prospective franchisees eager to learn about the opportunity.

Whether you’re building a new franchise website from scratch or looking to make content improvements that push curious visitors into your sales funnel, the first step to creating a franchise content strategy is defining your ideal prospect in full detail.

Why is defining your ideal prospect so important?

Because prospects who are serious about finding the right franchise opportunity are less interested in reading through brochures, and more interested in feeling some kind of connection to your brand and the lifestyle your franchise awards them.

Creating that connection isn’t easy, but the more you’re able to clearly define the kind of person most likely to invest in your offer, the better you’ll be able to shape your content around the serious buyers out there.

Let’s take a look at three ways you can be sure you’re building franchisee profiles that inspire the kinds of content that sticks out to potential buyers.

1. List your ideal prospect’s interests and motivations

When creating content designed to connect, thinking about your ideal prospect's interests and motivations should inspire a lot of ideas—particularly for your franchise blog.

Start by constructing a fictional character to represent the ideal buyer. Create a personal and professional backstory for them based on commonalities among your current franchisees. Consider questions like:

  • What did they do before becoming a franchisee, and
  • What made them decide to become a franchisee?

If, for instance, your franchise sells a niche product such as gourmet food items, your typical prospect may be a former corporate employee who’s also an active foodie.

Driven to ditch the corporate ladder and build a business they can apply their passion to, they naturally search for opportunities in gourmet food franchising.

Here, we’ve described both the background of this potential buyer as well as the motivation driving their decision to own a business.

2. Create a list of industry-specific questions prospects want answered

If there’s one thing every franchise prospect has, it's questions.

Whether they’re familiar with your industry or not, very few people move forward with a franchise deal until they’ve gotten a laundry list of questions answered

Fortunately, your website is the perfect tool to help them find answers.

While specific questions regarding investment requirements and other number figures are important, it’s usually best to make that information available later to those who ask for it specifically.

Instead, create web content that’s inviting and unique.

Ask your current franchisees what questions they would have liked answered when they were still considering the opportunity. Use this list to create a Frequently Asked Questions page visitors can easily scan through to find the answers they need when learning about your brand.

3. Define your prospects’ goals and aspirations

Consider the example from before—a foodie interested in finding the perfect gourmet food franchise.

As he transitions from his role in the corporate world to one where he’s in control, his goals have made a major shift as well.

One of the best ways to create a strong connection early on is to relate your opportunity to the prospect’s goals—when all is said and done, this is what compels them to invest.

Ask current franchise partners what goals drove them to find out more about your business and which of those goals they’ve been able to achieve. These should highlight a blend of personal and professional areas to illustrate the entire lifestyle of a franchisee.

If you’re looking to seriously revamp your franchise web content, these tips are a great place to start.

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Sam Swiech, Content Marketing Manager Sam Swiech, Content Marketing Manager

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