Improving Your Franchise Content Strategy To Generate Qualified Leads

Sam Swiech, Content Marketing Manager Written by Sam Swiech, Content Marketing Manager

Frustrated with a website that can’t seem to move the needle on franchise sales?

No matter which industry you’re in, marketing a franchise to prospects hungry for the right opportunity requires a unique approach.

Simply put, those who turn to the web to find and research franchisors don’t want another brochure trying to sell them on their offer. They’re looking for an opportunity that speaks to their interests both personally and professionally—a story they can relate to.

For many franchise prospects, products and services are secondary concerns—they're top priority is learning how your brand’s journey aligns with the path they’ve envisioned for themselves, financially and otherwise.

The better you connect those stories, the more open they’ll be to taking the next step through the funnel you’ve built.

Let’s dive into how exactly you can rework your franchise website with unique content visitors can relate to on the very first visit.

Communicate your franchise's value with a focused content strategy

In today’s world, the franchise website is the place where more and more prospects are going to learn about what makes a franchise opportunity unique and relevant to what they’re looking for.

According to Franchise Update’s 2014 Annual Franchise Development report,

“The Internet—at 42 percent—continues to dominate as the top source for franchise sales, identical with last year.”

Breaking it down even further, the numbers show places like ad portals are losing out to organic traffic using search engines like Google, which are continuously promoting websites offering the most valuable content to visitors—precisely the kind of content we’re talking about here. When it comes to being visible online, the quality of your content also has a huge impact on franchise SEO.

With great web content that differentiates you within your industry, these numbers prove you’ll significantly increase both search engine visibility and conversion rates among qualified leads through a carefully laid out content plan.

Ditch the sales pitch and tell your brand’s story

The best way to evaluate which changes your franchise website needs is to think of it from a prospect’s perspective.

Does a brief “About Us” page truly introduce your opportunity the way a visitor who knows nothing about your brand wants to learn about it?

Would a simple bulleted list of benefits be enough for you to start seriously considering a big new business move?

For most visitors, probably not—especially when similar franchises might offer a wide range of resources that give a much more complete picture of the opportunity, brand story, and lifestyle of a typical franchise owner.

Firsthand accounts—stories—about what it’s like to be a franchise partner are a great way to stand out and provide a unique look into the experience from the inside out.

Crafting success stories prospects can relate to

Instead of handing over a contact sheet and forcing prospects to reach out to owners with questions, make that information a part of their discovery process with easy-to-read “success stories” showcasing your owners’ unique franchise journeys.

Simply draw up a short list of questions to ask owners and use their feedback to create short profiles of each person’s story explaining how they got involved with franchising as well as any advice they would give to someone just starting out.

Success stories like these are just as much informative as they are entertaining. Combined with a competent sales team, you can start leveraging this kind of compelling, personable content to attract and convert the kinds of qualified leads scouring the web for the right opportunity.

Learn how to build an exceptional franchise website for lead generation or optimize your current one, from design to tracking performance:

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Sam Swiech, Content Marketing Manager Sam Swiech, Content Marketing Manager

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