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Tracking Inbound Marketing ROI in the Legal Industry

Inbound marketing results in the legal industry can be difficult to track accurately.

From the client's perspective, choosing a lawyer relies heavily on in-person meetings and consultations to result in a final sale. While digital tactics can be great for leading prospects to an attorney’s office, it doesn't mean closed deals.

With that said, there are two marketing ROI formulas relevant to legal professionals, and the formula your law firm will use depends on which services you offer and your target clientele.

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3 Tips For Streamlining The Franchise Sales Process

Whether you’re a new franchise company trying to make the best initial investment possible, or an established brand looking to shift your marketing strategy to better reflect today’s market, there are a number of options available to help make the most of the resources you have.

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Infographic: The Digital Marketing Lead Generation Process

This post was originally published in 2013, but was updated in 2017 for relevancy.

Back when we developed this digital marketing lead generation process infographic in 2013, I believe we wanted to use it as a sales tool, but decided to publish it to the blog anyway.

Although four years have passed since then, it's hard to believe how relevant this process is to digital marketing success (though I'll admit it's not properly organized).

Digital lead generation doesn't happen without hard work. It takes focus in five key areas:

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