Why Your Franchise Needs A Blog: SEO and Lead Conversion

Sam Swiech, Content Marketing Manager Written by Sam Swiech, Content Marketing Manager

As a small to mid-size franchising company trying to grab leads online, you know how hard it can be to push yourself to the top of search engine results.

With prospective franchise owners turning to the web more than any other source to find the right opportunity, getting yourself noticed in search engine results is key.

Google is constantly changing the way it ranks search engine listings, but each change they make underscores a very obvious goal: Websites that stay relevant with great content get to shine at the top.

“Relevant” in this case means two things:

  • The content is fresh and pertinent
  • New content is being posted regularly

Putting in the effort to create great franchise web content isn’t only about capturing valuable real estate on search engine results. After all, what good is a first page Google listing if there’s nothing to keep visitors on your site once they get there?

While the franchise SEO component of your content strategy relates first and foremost to driving traffic, your content needs to be compelling enough to turn prospects into leads you can manage more closely.

For now, let’s focus on relevancy and how you can start laying out a strategy to turn a static franchise website into an active lead generation tool.

Stand out to prospects and search engines with quality blog content

One of the best ways to connect both pieces of the relevancy puzzle is through a company blog.

Whether you already have one or not, blogging isn’t just a way to get your ideas and opinions published online anymore—it’s a powerful tool requiring a carefully laid-out content strategy to be successful.

Blog posts that combine compelling information with content optimized to rank well in search engine results can transform your website into a magnet for serious franchise prospects.

Fine-tune your franchise blog content to the ideal prospect

When it comes to creating blog content focused on conversion, covering a wide range of topics ensures you’re casting the widest net possible over everyone looking for the right opportunity.

Converting leads with compelling franchise blog content means keeping topics focused on those most likely to take the next step.

To help you create ideas for your blog aimed at this ideal visitor, start building one or more personas that describe your typical franchisee. Start by asking these questions to describe the kind of person most likely to take the next step in the sales cycle:

  • What are their interests both personally and professionally?
  • What’s their professional background?
  • What kind of lifestyle do they typically have?
  • What’s their income level?

Highly specific questions like these can help you target your posts around those most likely to convert. To target these prospects even more precisely, check out our post explaining how to define your ideal candidate.

So you’ve got a basic idea of who you’re looking to attract. Now you’re probably wondering what to blog about.

Create blog topics that inform and convert

Start thinking of your blog as a place to share insights about your industry aimed specifically at your typical franchise prospect.

As a good first step, put yourself in their shoes and jot down what kinds of information you’d like to receive if you were exploring a franchise opportunity for the first time.

Start by asking yourself some key questions and use your answers to inspire the subject of your posts:

  • What is it about my opportunity that sets it apart from others?
  • What are some common misconceptions about our industry?
  • What qualities typically make up a successful franchisee?

These are just three ideas to get you off the ground running. To start expanding your content plan into the future, consider what other questions you would want answered if you were curious about a particular opportunity and the industry surrounding it.

Want to learn more about getting your franchise opportunity found online? We've created a guide specific to franchises covering SEO.

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Sam Swiech, Content Marketing Manager Sam Swiech, Content Marketing Manager

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