3 Things Your Franchise “About Us” Page Needs To Do

Sam Swiech, Content Marketing Manager Written by Sam Swiech, Content Marketing Manager

If I were to ask what the most important page on your franchise’s company website is, I’d be willing to bet most companies would respond with either:

  • “Our homepage, of course,” or
  • “Our franchise landing page—that’s where visitors are converting on the site.”

While no one page is far and away more important than others on your website, one that seems to fall by the wayside all too often is the “About Us” page.

If you’re like me, you probably don’t revisit this page to make improvements very often. After all, it’s static and used primarily to give visitors a brief rundown of the company and the opportunity—things you already know.

But it’s important to keep in mind that visitors naturally gravitate to this page to get the “quick and dirty” scoop about who you are, what you do, and how they can get more information if they’re interested in learning more about the franchise opportunity.

Many companies—franchises or otherwise—spend a lot of time and energy making sure site design and aesthetics are up to snuff. The real concern, however, should be content. While a great looking site is important, prospective business owners are there to learn, and the “About Us” page is exactly where most people head to first. If they can’t get their basic questions answered there, don’t expect them to stick around on the site for much longer.

Let’s explore three things every franchise website should accomplish with their “About Us” page.

1. Tactfully highlight your franchise’s offerings

Although it’s titled “About Us,” this internal page should really be about your ideal franchisee candidate. Visitors to your site are reading your content with two things in mind:

"Is this is the right franchise for me?" And, "how will I benefit from becoming a partner?"

They don’t care to read through stories of struggle and overcoming obstacles in the early years of the business, nor do they desire a detailed rundown of daily activities. It’s essential to keep the content focused squarely on what they, as curious prospects, want to learn about you.

Be careful to avoid egocentric wording as well. If you’re going to use first person pronouns to describe the business and the potential partner, make sure it’s not to detail what you do, but rather, explain what you offer.

Rather than say, “We’re a franchisor in the _______ industry,” opt for an introduction based around what you’ll be delivering to the partner. “We offer…” or “We provide…” are far more compelling openers which help the visitor understand what you’ll do for them.

2. Prove your value to prospective franchisees

Visitors don’t only want to know what you offer, but whether or not what you’re offering is a viable franchise business model. What is it about your franchise opportunity that stands out among the competition? Why should a visitor choose to invest in your model over a similar one?

Be sure to give visitors access to your social media pages, as these have become a highly trusted place to find out what others are saying about the products, service, and experience franchise partners are delivering to customers.

3. Keep it simple

It’s important to remember that the “About Us” page will be seen primarily by newcomers to your website. These visitors aren’t willing to work hard for information—they want it neatly laid out in front of them.

Remember, complicated site pages signal a complicated company. After creating content you think needs to be communicated on the page, break out the red pen and try to narrow it down to the essentials.

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Sam Swiech, Content Marketing Manager Sam Swiech, Content Marketing Manager

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