3 Ways Franchisors Can Develop A Unique Brand Identity and Voice

Katie Cartwright, Inbound Marketing Manager Written by Katie Cartwright, Inbound Marketing Manager

What makes your franchise stand out? If you don’t know, that’s a problem.

A solid brand identity is vital to the success of any business, franchises included. With many potential franchise buyers finding opportunities online, you have a limited opportunity to connect with them without the benefit of meeting face-to-face.

If you're struggling with crafting a unique voice that speaks to your customers, keep reading. This post will cover three ways you can discover your voice and use it to make meaningful connections with your prospects and leads.

Why having a brand identity matters in a digital world

These days, people use the internet for everything. From finding coffee shops to finding business opportunities, most people start with a simple search. If they happen to be looking to purchase a franchise and happen to find your opportunity, you're already doing great when it comes establishing your digital presence.

What comes next, from a buying perspective, is important. If a potential buyer finds their way to your website, you have a very limited time to make a positive impression. And while the look, feel, and ease of use of your website has a lot to do with making that first impression, the tone you take and the words you choose for your site can make or break it for a potential buyer.

Your franchise voice has to speak to your customer in a way that you can carry through all communications from ad copy to your website to personal interactions, which is why nailing it is so important. A consistent voice helps to build trust with your potential customers.

Your voice is a way to show who you are rather than simply telling people who you are. Consistently using your brand voice is a way to stand out from other franchise opportunities that may simply be looking for a quick sale.

Because your franchise's voice is so important, it's worthwhile to do some work into establishing some guidelines. After all, you're a franchise. As the owner and founder, you may have a clear understanding of what franchise is, what it does, and what that means to your customers...but without guidelines to follow your knowledge may not extend to your employees or your franchisees. And for a potential franchise buyer, it's valuable to be able to show that you've put thought into it and provide them with a framework to use themselves.

How do you create a brand voice?

Now that we've covered why having a unique brand identity and voice matters, we'll look at some ways for you to figure out just what your voice actually is. Unfortunately, we can't just tell you. You'll have to do some work, but following the steps below will help you on your way to crafting a unique voice that speaks to your franchise buyers as well as their customers.

1. Use your purpose to inform your voice

Why does your franchise exist? This question is a simple one geared towards examining what your franchise does for its customers. It may be a restaurant chain or it may provide a cleaning service. What your franchise is actually about can help inform its voice.

Going one step further, think about what sets your products or services apart from your competitors. Ideally, this is something that should matter to your end users. Does your restaurant only source the freshest ingredients? Or maybe your cleaning service has mastered an efficient process?

Identifying what you're selling and what differentiates that from the competition helps establish what you'll talk about, a huge part of your brand's identity.

2. Work your values into your brand identity

All franchisors have values. Certain values, professionalism for example, are common among many businesses. While it's important to be professional, you can easily show this, especially digitally. Having a well-organized website with clear and accurate information is a simple, yet effective, way to show that you are a professional business.

Going one level deeper, you'll want to think again about what sets you apart from your competition. Whereas we've already explored what kind of business you do and how to work it into your voice, this recommendation is more about how you do business.

If you're unsure where to start in terms of identifying values that set you apart from your competition, look at your own history. Examine what made you want to start a franchise in the first place. Or look at how you currently serve your community, either on a personal level or professionally.

3. Your audience is an important part in establishing your brand voice

In addition to the values you adhere to, it's important to consider those of your clients and/or customers. Answering this question begins with identifying your buyer persona. Who is going to buy your franchise and what type of person is going to buy from your franchisees? The voice of your franchise ultimately has to speak to those buyers and earn their trust.

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Katie Cartwright, Inbound Marketing Manager Katie Cartwright, Inbound Marketing Manager

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